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Recent Posts

Copy and Paste

There’s something very appealing about taking something we see and admire and then copying it for ourselves, expecting it to look the same on us or have the same impact on our lives or context. This is a pattern of how we operate in so many areas of life – it is how changes in … Continue reading Copy and Paste

Connectivity and devices

In a recent webinar with a group of school leaders I was discussing their approaches to hybrid learning. At one point the issue of digital equity was raised, with one principal asking what was being done at a national level here in NZ to provision students with digital devices and internet connectivity. She went on … Continue reading Connectivity and devices

Give a S***!

I am in the habit of riding my bike along the local river trail as regularly as I can. It’s a shared trail that is used by other cyclists, walkers, runners and those walking their dogs – everyone appreciating the opportunity this great community asset provides. Cycling is one of those activities that provides me … Continue reading Give a S***!


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