Work with FutureMakers

We live in a world of uncertainty and change. The planet we call home is increasingly stressed as a direct result of the impact of human activity. As a consequence, the generation of young people in our educational organisations today will face far greater challenges than their parents and grandparents. These challenges will require us to find solutions and live in ways we haven’t yet imagined.

We need to embrace the understanding that the complex issues confronting our world will likely be solved not by us, but by those we are educating, and this will require a transformation of our current systems and structures, practices and policies, and the beliefs and ideologies that underpin these.

I believe that educators, and indeed, anyone who is involved in helping with the development of young minds and lives, have a primary responsibility to consider the investment they make in young people as an investment in the future of society and of the planet. As such we are more than simply teachers, facilitators or guides to learning – we are future makers!

Check out the links below to find how you might work with FutureMakers to be a part of this change…

Strategic Planning

Working with education leaders to ensure organisational vision, mission and goals support future-focused teaching and learning that leads to action.

Professional Learning

Facilitating a range of customised professional learning options for teachers designed to help them develop futures-thinking strategies, and learn how to incorporate this into their programmes.

Thought Leadership

Providing future-focused contributions to the education community through conference presentations, blogs, policy advice and thought pieces.