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The list of links and resources below are shared freely to support the work of educators. The blog posts and thought pieces are original contributions intended to inspire thought and action. If you find these things helpful or of value you may choose to support this work by contributing here.

  • Thought Piecessome of the key papers, articles and documents I’ve written 
  • Newsletters access previous FutureMakers newsletters here
  • Books I’m readinga short synopsis of some of the books I’ve been reading that help inform my thinking for FutureMakers
  • Publications – references to a selection of the papers and book chapters I’ve written
  • Hybrid Learning – information and links about hybrid learning
  • Learner Agency – a short introduction to the concept of learner agency, and links to a number of resources that will help you with this in your practice
  • Learning Environments – a list of links to research and resources about innovative learning environments
  • Sustainable Development Goals – a list of links to readings and resources to support your teaching about the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals
  • Project links and ideas for teachers – a list of links to a range of future focused projects that may provide inspiration for classroom teachers
  • For Learners – a range of links to future focused projects designed specifically for learners to engage with
  • Slideshare Presentations: my slideshows from recent keynote presentations and workshops
  • Modern Learning Practice: a curated selection of articles on Scoop.It
  • 4D Learning Framework: a one-pages providing an overview of the 4D learning framework I’ve developed, showing how this links with the use of digital technologies