FutureMakers Code of Conduct

Derek (FutureMakers) will act honestly, professionally and with integrity with anyone he works or communicates with in his role. He will:

  • Work with skill, care, diligence, transparency and impartiality
  • Show that he has considered carefully all aspects of his role before action is taken
  • Accept responsibility for his actions
  • Treat others openly, frankly, honestly, courteously and with sensitivity to their rights
  • Ensure that his actions in dealing with others do not harass or discriminate on the grounds or race, gender, marital status, social status, pregnancy, age, weight, nationality, ethnic or national origin, physical or intellectual impairment, sexual preference or religious or political conviction.
  • Avoid potential conflicts of interest that may influence or appear to influence his actions
  • Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of information I hold about others, except in circumstances where he is properly required to release it.
  • Refuse to accept gifts or benefits that might cause him to carry out my work in a particular way or to deviate from a proper course of action, or might be seen to cause him to do either of these things, and
  • Ensure that company and Government resources are used appropriately in the course of his duties.

His behaviour in general will…

  • Reflect well on him as an individual
  • Reflect well on FutureMakers
  • Reflect cultural appropriateness
  • Be safe and not cause harm to himself or others
  • Not cause offence or distress to others.