More on resilience planning for schools

“A hybrid is a mixture of two different things, resulting in something that has a little bit of both.” There’s been a continuous stream of feedback following the publication of my previous blog post on resilience planning for schools, which confirms for me that this is indeed a hot topic for schools and kura here in NZ as we look ahead to the 2022 school year. It seems there are a number of schools already thinking about how they might create a hybrid approach in 2022, but questions about what to do and how to achieve this abound, so I thought … Continue reading More on resilience planning for schools

Resilience Planning for Schools

The past two years have been difficult for schools in NZ as in the rest of the world as they’ve faced periods of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As NZ moves from an elimination strategy to a containment strategy schools are now looking forward to a year ahead where they can be open for business, with students attending in-person classes again. While the prospect of ‘returning to normal’ appeals to our sense of ‘stable state’ thinking, the reality is that we’re likely to see the disruption continue into 2022 as COVID spreads into the community across all parts of … Continue reading Resilience Planning for Schools

Designing Authentic Learning

The real process of education should be the process of learning to think through the application of real problems. John Dewey I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors, and at one point in my career I was an outdoor ed teacher. I relished the opportunity to take young people into the outdoors where they were often pushed beyond their comfort zone and had to learn to overcome challenges, relying on others to achieve what needed to be done together. The decisions you make and the actions you take in this environment matter. There are consequences (i.e. you’re either warm or cold during … Continue reading Designing Authentic Learning

Agency by Design

Helping students learn at high levels while developing social and emotional sills is part of our school’s vision and mission. We ensure equity and eliminate barriers to learning by providing opportunities for students to experience personalised learning by addressing each student’s individual academic and social and emotional needs while embracing student voice and student choice and student interests. This is incredibly important work. Shelly Poage, Principal, John Tyson Elementary School This week I had the privilege of presenting a workshop at the Aurora Institute’s Virtual Symposium with a group of colleagues from the US. Our collaboration all stems from a … Continue reading Agency by Design

Five priorities for education leaders in the next normal

This post has been prompted by a recent McKinsey article I read titled What matters most? Five priorities for CEOs in the next normal. It’s one of a series from McKinsey on how leaders can adapt to a different future. I need to acknowledge this from the outset as the source of the five priorities I’ve used below – my post here is simply a reflection on how these might apply specifically to the context of educational leadership, most particularly, school leaders. The driver for this reflection is the experience we’ve all had of the global COVID-19 pandemic. As the … Continue reading Five priorities for education leaders in the next normal

Devices and learning

Digital devices are already an integral part of New Zealanders’ lives, and their use outside theclassroom is likely only set to increase. However, the emerging research detailing their impacts onlearning and wellbeing leads to clear recommendations for a cautious, purposeful, and well-researched approach to their use. PISA 2018: Digital devices and student outcomes in New Zealand schools (page 18) As someone who has spent the best part of a 40 plus career in education researching, innovating and supporting the use of digital technologies in education the recent publicity about the findings from the 2018 PISA study on digital devices and … Continue reading Devices and learning