Hybrid Learning

Hybrid learning is not simply another delivery mode,
it is a means to a transformed state for education.

Derek Wenmoth

Hybrid learning is no longer a choice but more a reality for schools/kura and centres as staff work to maintain learning opportunities for all.  The inability to effectively provide learning programmes in the traditional in-person settings has provided a transformational moment for education in Aotearoa NZ. While challenging, the moment is with us all now, to imagine and implement learning practices for the 21st century. FutureMakers is focused on empowering organisations to meet this challenge today!

The videos below provide a useful way of engaging with some of the key ideas that are explained in more detail in the documents listed further down this page.

This video introduces the concept of hybrid learning, and explains why it is important to focus on this as a key strategy for building resilient learning organisations. Further detail can be found in the document titled “Resilience planning for schools” listed towards the end of this page.

This video provides an explanation of the seven dimension planning process that may be useful for sharing with staff or senior leadership teams. This framework is described in more detail in the document titled “getting started with hybrid learning: listed towards the end of this page.

This video provides an overview of the ten dimensions of teacher practice as outlined in the document below. The importance of each is explained, together with a strategy that can be used to help educators examine their own practice to identify areas for further development.

This video features an interview between myself and Dr Leslie Murrihy discussing the meaning of hybrid learning and strategies for engaging learners in this way. It is features on the Ministry of Education’s page on Hybrid Learning support for teachers

As individuals and organisations seek to implement hybrid approaches FutureMakers is available to support you in a range of ways, but first it is important to identify what your needs are and how best these may be addressed.

What is your current status?

Becoming a hybrid organisation is a key strategy to ensure the resilience of your organisation as you face the threat of further disruptions into the future. The table below provides a useful way of assessing where you are as a school/kura or centre in terms of your journey towards becoming a hybrid learning organisation.

We are…What it looks likeFuture makers  can offer
… Motivated but not sure where to start• Aware of the need to act
• Alerted to hybrid thinking
• Yet to understand the imperatives
• Thinking that the moment offers opportunities
Getting started:
• Direct engagement with leaders and staff to connect frameworks and context for your plan to move towards hybrid teaching and learning
•Taking your aspirations and outcomes and forming an action plan for implementation
•Mentoring and supporting implementation
… Underway and needing support to embed and build capability• Current planning not satisfying needs
• Outcomes are not clear enough
• Changes to situations happening more rapidly than we can manage
• Staff not able to see the opportunity and lacking expertise
Developing momentum for change:
• Rapid review and evaluation of needs
• Support for decision making under duress
• Planning for short, medium and long term outcomes
• Support for leadership decision making
• Support for staff development 
… Operational and now seeking to leverage and sustain• Vision and goals are set for hybrid learning options
• Meeting and addressing many of the steps noted in the Resilient Schools templates
• Managing the transition to a hybrid mode of operation
• Working to support new pedagogies for learning and teaching
• Providing professional development and support to staff
Consolidating for success:
• Review and reporting on current plan for FFL
• Support for evaluation and reporting on progress towards planned outcomes
• Mentoring support to senior leaders
• Professional development for syndicates, teams and departments in evolving effective practice in a hybrid environment
• Engaging you with the ‘Resilient School’s Network’ for sector-wide support and guidance 

Using the prompts in the table above will help you identify the sort of support you are requiring. FutureMakers can provide a range of customised support to you that can be tailored to meet your particular needs as well as provide links and resources for you that come from current activity in the Resilient Schools Network.

If you’d like help with any of these areas please use the link below to contact FutureMakers.


Click on any of the blocks below to access the resources to support your learning and work in this area.

Guidance and Support for Hybrid Learning

A dedicated part of the Learning From Home website from the Ministry of Education devoted to providing a range of resources and advice for schools on hybrid learning, Including:

  • Spotlights – hybrid learning in practice – a collection of stories from schools around NZ about their journey with hybrid learning
  • Principles and practices of hybrid learning – a collection of 2-page ‘help sheets’ written by educators to provide support for others. Each one addresses a particular question or concern about hybrid learning.
  • Planning Checklist – a useful checklist to use with your team and (for schools and kura) your Board to test your preparedness for teaching and learning through 2022 under the COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF).

Hybrid Learning 2022

This publication from the Ministry of Education provides some useful information and guidance for educators and/or schools as you seek to implement ways of continuing learning while your kura or school is open.

This document is available from the Guidance for School Leaders and Staff section of the Learning From Home website.

Te Ako ā-Mangarau | Hybrid learning

This page on the CORE Education website contains recordings of their Hybrid Learning Webinar series, and information on how can apply for 25 hours of regionally-allocated PLD to support you with hybrid learning.

Hybrid Learning Advice

A very useful page on the PPTA website containing some practical guidance for educators, including:

If there is to be a systematic move by a school to hybrid learning strategies as a tactic for dealing with current disruptions, then these should be openly discussed and agreed on by staff and support and professional development should be provided to ensure that it is consistent and manageable for kaiako/teachers.

Te Tai Tokerau Hybrid Learning Project

This project took place in the second half of 2022, and involved educators from a number of schools in the Far North region of New Zealand. The goal was to explore and establish a range of hybrid learning responses that could be used as models for other teachers and other schools.

At the heart of the project design was an experimental approach, where teachers began with a hunch about what they thought might work, which was then turned into a hypothesis which was acted on. Extra support was available both in terms of provision of resources they might use and in terms of mentoring and advice throughout the project.

The website contains the stories contributed by each participant, and each illustrates an approach the could be used in other contexts.