100 Best iPhone Apps for Serious Self-Learners

Ever since I got my iPod Touch I’ve been fascinated by the range of apps available from the Apple Store – including those that are useful to me as a learner such as the dictionary.

This morning I was sent a link to a list of 100 Best iPhone Apps for Serious Self-Learners which contains a lengthy list of iPhone Apps (many of which will work for my iPod Touch as well) that have been organised under subject headings to make it easier to find the ones that might be of interest.

I’m impressed with the list – most are unfamiliar to me, but the extent of what is available is a clear indication that mobile technologies need to be considered seriously in terms of their role in learning.

As an aside, I also read with interest the news about the development of big-screen e-Readers to help save the daily press. Apparently these new gadgets, with screens roughly the size of a standard sheet of paper, could present much of the editorial and advertising content of traditional periodicals in generally the same format as they appear in print. Apparently there are several companies, including some of the big news corporations, that are working on this. The article even refers seems likely to rumor and speculation by Apple observers suggesting that Apple may introduce a multipurpose tablet computer later this year. Such a device, with a screen that is said to be about three or four times as large as the iPod’s, would have an LCD screen capable of showing rich color and video, and people could use it to browse the Web.

Certainly an area of development worth keeping an eye on.

3 thoughts on “100 Best iPhone Apps for Serious Self-Learners

  1. Hi Derek
    A great listing – I will be doing some downloading 🙂
    Disappointed that our multi player Mathletics app isn’t there! Or maybe fun while learning doesn’t fit with “serious”?
    Its an exciting tool and we’re planning to do lots more with the possiblities the iTouch interface gives us – watch this space!

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