I’ve just been playing with an application called ManyCam, which is available free for both Mac and PC. It’s a fun application that would appeal to young people to help liven up their video work by adding simple effects. With ManyCam you can…

  • Use your webcam with multiple programs simultaneously.
  • Add text to your webcam video window with any application.
  • Add cool animations to your video window.
  • Show your local day and date in your video window.
  • Add live CGI graphics like fire and water effects. You can even make it appear as if it is snowing inside your house!

Now there are some fun things to do on a rainy day – and perhaps add some extra dimensions to those video conferences 🙂 . One of the things I like is the ability you have to download additional effects from the ManyCam website – very simple to do, and there’s quite a range there. The clip below shows what these effects look like.


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