Managing copyright

It must be the season for online Flash tutorials…..

I came across the following today…

Baruch College/City University of New York Offers Free Interactive Copyright Guide to help faculty determine the appropriate copyright guidelines they must follow when using different types of copyrighted media in their courses.

The interactive guide asks faculty a series of questions related to the nature of the copyrighted works they want to use and the methods in which they plan to use them. As each question is answered, the faculty progress through the virtual subway system, learning important copyright rules that apply to their specific situations. At the final stop, faculty are provided a list of guidelines for using copyrighted media that they can print out and keep for their own records.

I found the guide really interesting from two pespectives:
(a) understanding the actions that need to be taken regarding copyright clearance (in the US context at least) was helpful and informative, and
(b) the guide itself is an interesting example of an online interactive learning object. The request to complete the survey at the end is an indication that Baruch are seeking feedback to inform the possible development of other learning materials in this format.

(reference courtesy of Virtual University Gazette)

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