Connected to the Future

It’s been an extremely busy week – as can be seen from my lack of posts!
Several things I’ve been doing I intend blogging about at some point – lots of thinking about Online Communities of Practice etc.
In the meantime, I was inerested to read the Report on Children??s Internet Use From
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting that was sent to me by Chris Jegar. The report, titled CONNECTED TO THE FUTURE reveals that American children regardless of their age, income, or ethnicity, greatly increased their use of the Internet from home, school, or library over the past two years. Yet even with these growth trends, children from under-served populations still significantly lag behind more advantaged children both in home and school access. The report examines both the trends and the implications of children connecting to the Internet??and to their future.
There’s some important reading here for those in New Zealand involved in ICTPD developments, as well as those involved in social policy – particularly around ensuring an appropriate level of network architecture is provided at a national level (eg provision of broadband) and a local level (eg clabling in schools, libraries etc).

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