at the !dea workshop in Melbourne

I’m in Melbourne at present, attending some of the !dea workshops on interoperability and standards.
Today I’m at the Open Technical Forum >/a> listening to a number of presentations from people such as Scott Wilson speaking about Service Oriented Architectures for eLearning.
Some key thoughts from the opening address….

1 – Emerging trends in eLearning:

  • migration towards a component-based/service oriented architecture
  • insitutionalisation of eLearning – eLearning is here to stay – no longer on the periphery, it is now a part of the way we do things.
  • shift from provider focus to end user focus in the area of instructional design
  • shift from using internal measures of progress/success of eLearning to external measures – “how has this met the needs of the users?”

2 – on the “to Do” list for eLearning practitioners

  • improve the overall adaptability and usability of the technology
  • extend capability to incorporate new pedagogical methods into eLearning systems (eg simulations etc)
  • more adaptable to real-time needs of learners
  • clear migration paths for organisations to grow from where they are now

2 thoughts on “at the !dea workshop in Melbourne

  1. Looks interesting Derek. I have emailed you about “tagging” on the internet. Tagging has some implecations as far as user focus stuff on the internet. Anyway dont buy me anything too expensive OK.

  2. Sounds like a great conference Derek–I’m green with envy. You consistently seem to seek out the best conferences! Would you consider keeping an online calendar of the conferences you intend attending? It would make it so much easier for me to shadow you 😉

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