eAgenda – Prof. Claudio Dondi ?? SCIENTER

The quality issue in the development of the eLearning marketPresentation refrred to the results of the L-Change and SEEQUEL projects supported byt eh European Commission.

Key findings from his project:
– quality is a priority recognized by everyone, but with a variety of different meanings, roadmaps and priorities
– eLearning survived the collapse of the ??e-bubble??
– education and training brands vs learning brands
– growing importance of services
– ??blended learning?? trends favour reputed (established) E&T providers
– converging policy aims at European level, and increasing need for strategies adapted to national markets
– the eLearning professionalism challenge
– globalization vs anti-globalisation ?? from consumption to participation
– improving transferability of skills and competencies seen as strategic role for eLearning.

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