Why have an ICT strategy??

As part of the work being done in developing the ECE ICT strategy this week, we’ve spent time pondering the question “why do we need a strategy? What is its purpose?” This is the question that was asked by the group who are currently developing the “National Educational Technology Plan” in the US. They examined 28 policy documents in their 20 year retrospective of educational technology policy and came up with three main reasons for the development of policy:
– to influence and inform decision makers
– to make money and resources follow
– to keep the fundamental debate alive.

As we’ve been working to develop the ECE ICT strategy, these same key intentions have surfaced regularly, providing a strong basis for the shaping of the statemens and questions in the discussion documents we’re currently preparing. We’re currently preparing discussion documents on the following:
– Purpose – why have a strategy?
– Vision – why ICT in ECE?
– Philosophy and beliefs – what shared beliefs and understandings underpin the strategy/
– Goals/strategies – audiences
– Goals/strategies – technology
– Roles and repsonsibilities

And we’re not the only ones developing an ECE ICT strategy, take a look at:
ICT Strategy for the Early Years from Scotland

It will be interesting to see what emerges from this work, once the documents are taken out to the sector for discussion.

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