Blogging feature comparison

I came across the following two items in the CIT Infobits newsletter – useful both in terms of comparison, but also in terms of the list of features to consider when choosing blog software. (Thanks to Carolyn Koltas)

1 – Blogging services feature comparison
“Using a blogging service generally doesn’t require any software other
than a web browser. Users have no administrative control over the
software itself, but have some control over a blog’s organization and
appearance. Depending on the particular service, blogs can be hosted
either on the service??s servers or on the server of one??s choice (e.g., Users purchasing a paid account with a service typically
will have no banner ads on their blogs, more features at their
disposal, and better customer support from the service.”
Check out the
Blogging Services Feature Comparison chart.

2 – Blogging Applications Comparison“Downloadable blogging applications require the user to have access to
server space (e.g., Most of these applications are
comprised of CGI scripts that must be installed and configured in a
user??s cgi-bin folder. Although they are packaged with detailed
instructions, applications can be difficult to install, prohibitively
so for the novice. Blogging applications afford users fine-grained
control over their blogs, and most applications are open-source or
Check out the Blogging applications comparison chart online

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