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This week I’m involved with a writing team preparing the basis of a national ICT strategy for early childhood. Some really exciting things are happening in the early childhood sector with the use of ICT, including the use of digital cameras and computers to create “learning stories” such as in Roskill South Kindergarten which is part of the Ministry of Education’s Centre’s of Innovation . Also represented on the writing team is the Kohanga Reo Trust which has had a computer in every centre since 1998 for management and administration purposes.
It’s an exciting project to be involved in, addressing the challenge of creating a document that is consistent with the already established aims and principles of the Early Childhood Curriuclum, Te Whariki , while also fitting into the broader, pan-sector vision of a life-long learner in the digital age.

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  1. An interesting Blog Derek. Over the past few months i have been working with the Te Wananga o Aotearoa to help them develop an Early Childhood degree with a significant online component. Students who take this degree can’t but have an in-depth understanding of ICT when they graduate. We had the validation event a few weeks ago (something I still need to Blog about) and hopefully when the recommendations are acted upon the degree should be and running next year. These are some of the thoughts I had a few weeks ago. Let us know how it progresses Derek.

  2. Yes, the concept of using ICT tools in Early Childhood is very exciting – I owned two early childhood centres back in the early nineties and we used very basic programmes for the children. I am now working as an ICTPD Facilitator and online learning technologies lecturer. I am writing a book for early childhood teachers as a practical guide for creating learning stories and using ICT in the early years. As part of my research I have been working with a centre and it is great to see the teachers linking technology with the learning, they are using digital cameras and the children are recording their own stories and using a large screen TV to share them. The only bugbear is the financing of the hardware and software, they would love to use a data projector (it is in the pipeline) and other tools but the cost is a big factor.

  3. Yes hi i am a student at waikato and i am doing a essay on ICT in early childhood and would like to know where is the best place to get the info i need to wright my essayany help would be good

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