ULearn14 Keynotes’ challenges

The ULearn14 conference has ended for another year, with around 2000 people gathered at the Rotorua Events centre for four days (incuding pre-conference workshops) of professional stimulation, challenge and connecting. The #Ulearn14 Twitter stream was trending high through the conference and provides a great insight into the multi-faceted event. Many teachers have been active since the conference, providing their personal reflections on the conference, such as this blog from AnneMarie Hyde, or this storify from Vanessa Cancon. For a  number of years at this conference I have heard comments to the effect that "it's all about the pedagogy, not the … Continue reading ULearn14 Keynotes’ challenges

DEANZ conference 2014

DEANZ is a professional organisation that I have belonged to for over 20 years. It enables me to connect with other educators involved in the open, flexible and distance learning field – with a good mix of researchers and academics involved. I strongly encourage anyone whose work is in this area to attend – it's a unique opportunity for you can meet and interact with the other professionals from univeristies, polytechs, schools and other sector groups whose work is similar to yours.   Registration is open for the DEANZ14 conference, “Open, Flexible and Distance Learning, where is the ‘e’ in engagement?” DEANZ14 … Continue reading DEANZ conference 2014

Discover how to implement a creative commons policy…

With the support of our partners InternetNZ, Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand is hosting three free introductory sessions to Creative Commons licensing in New Zealand schools. Come along to learn everything you need to know about Creative Commons licensing and Creative Commons policies for NZ schools. The format of the event will be a series of ‘lightning talks’ of eight minutes per speaker, leaving plenty of time for questions and discussion. Coffee, tea and sandwiches will be provided. To register for these free events, fill out the form on the Creative Commons Licensing for NZ schools website. If you want to help … Continue reading Discover how to implement a creative commons policy…

ULearn Keynote: Dame Anne Salmond

Keynote Three: Knowledge is a Blessing on your Mind   Those who didn’t have to rush away to catch a plane were privileged to hear eminent historian, writer and academic, and current New Zealander of the year,  Dame Anne Salmond as the final keynote at the ULearn13 conference. For me there couldn’t have been a more fitting climax to the conference. Dame Anne’s message brought the perspective I’d been hoping for – a well articulated case for why we must be striving to see change in our education system if we’re to prepare our young people for the future they face – … Continue reading ULearn Keynote: Dame Anne Salmond

ULearn keynote: Mark Pesce

The Sharing Nexus: Connecting, Learning and the 21st Century Educational Environment Mark Pesce’s opening line was “at this moment, education is at its biggest crisis that it’s been in for centuries!” Now there’s a comment bound to polarize people – and it seemed to work. Not that that’s a bad thing, because whatever side of the debate you might find yourself, it helps to sharpen the receptors for what’s coming next! Mark went on to explain that this crisis presents the greatest challenge and the greatest opportunity in education. So what is the crisis he was referring to? It’s the challenge … Continue reading ULearn keynote: Mark Pesce

Ulearn13 – Keynote: Ken Shelton

Inspire and Motivate Through Transformational Teaching and Learning US Educator, Ken Shelton, was the opening keynote for this year’s Uearn13. When he received his invitation to come to NZ to speak at ULearn13 he said he was so excited he thought he might swim!     Ken’s presentation provided a perspective of a youthful, enthusiastic and optimistic user if ICTs as a vehicle to engage and motivate learners. He modeled this by making extensive use of online tools – including a collaborative backchannel on TodaysMeet which was used by delegates to record their responses and reflections on the things Ken shared. As he … Continue reading Ulearn13 – Keynote: Ken Shelton

ULearn13 reflections

I’ve spent the weekend relaxing after an intense four days in Hamilton at the ULearn13 conference with more than 1400 educators from New Zealand and a handful from Australia. It’s been an opportunity to reflect on the event and the things I learned and observed, and about the contribution of this event to the learning and development of schools across our country. I recall one of the first of these conferences (not known as ULearn then) that we organized back in 2001 (I think). Nick Billowes and his team were determined to include a conference like this as a sort … Continue reading ULearn13 reflections

Learning in a networked world

What does learning look like in a world that is increasingly networked? How can we harness the ever-increasing range of online technologies to support effective learning? What are the implications for teachers, for students, and for the wider community? And what are the implications for distance education providers as the boundaries blur between them and traditional face-to-face providers? These are some of the questions I explored in my keynote to the AADES conference in Melbourne last week, in which I explored current trends in education and how these are re-shaping how we think about schooling, teaching and the role of learners. … Continue reading Learning in a networked world

Growing up digital

I presented a workshop this morning at the NZ Commerce and Economics Teachers Association conference here in Christchurch. The topic was 'growing up digital' and the focus was on developing understandings about how the world of our learners has been and is being shaped by their interactions with technology, and how this in turn is shaping their expectations as learners. The slideshow is represented above.  One of the topics raised in the workshop discussion was the issue of attention span, and the observation that many of our students appear to be less focused on going 'deep' into their studies, preferring … Continue reading Growing up digital