Learner Orientation

tentrends15_smallThe latest of CORE's Ten Trends has just been released, focusing on the issue of placing the learner at the centre of all decision making and activity in our education system.  A learner oriented system requires reversing the “logic” of education systems so that they are built around the learner, rather than the learner being required to fit with the system.

The video above is available on EdTalks, and provides a useful introduction to the issue – great for use in staff meetings or other gatherings of educators interested in re-conceptualising how our educational institutions and programmes may better serve the needs of students. 

One thought on “Learner Orientation

  1. Our school has been tikering with becoming more student centred.  Over the past few years the look of our classrooms and some of our teaching practices have been evolving.  Currently we have large sums of property money to spend, so I imagine the biggest changes will happen as the spaces are changed.

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