Drivers for change in the 21st Century

Ubiquity-agency-connectedness from CORE Education Digital Media on Vimeo.

I’ve been developing some thoughts for some time now about what I see as the key drivers of change for 21st Century learning – the things that will differentiate how learning occurs and how our learning inst

itutions and structures from what they were just a few decades ago.

The framework I’ve come up with consists of three key ideas:

  • Ubiquity – Anywhere, anytime, any pace, any device
  • Agency – ‘the power to act’ –informed/empowered/enabled learners
  • Connectedness – ‘edgeless’ education, connected minds

I explain a little of the thinking behind this in the video above which I prepared in response to a request from Wayne Mackintosh from the OER foundation. It’s being used as a part of a series of ‘video signposts’ where international thought leaders to identify what they believe to be key uncertainties for the future of education. Please visit the pages on Wikieducator and post your thoughts and feedback on what the different speakers have to share.

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