New TED website released for education


After more than a year of planning and dreaming, the folks at TED are today launching their TED-Ed website, a new open platform for using video in education.  

It allows any teacher to take a video of their choice (yes, any video on YouTube, not just from TED) and make it the heart of a "lesson" that can easily be assigned in class or as homework, complete with context, follow-up questions and further resources.  The site is in beta, but there's enough there to show the potential of the new format.  

This whole process is explained really well in the video at the top of this post, ceated by the TED-Ed team, and a more detailed post explaining the thinking behind the site can be read here.


4 thoughts on “New TED website released for education

  1. Potential yes.  So potentially any teacher can upload video, any teacher can customise (I'm not ready to accept the use of flip, as there's not much flipping going on), and any teacher or student can use the resources created and shared. Huge potential.
    This is an open form of what rich intranets in NZ schools can do, and are doing.  To be useful in NZ the "quiz, think, dig deeper" is likely to need editing or reworking, to suit the underlying methodologies and approaches to supporting students in their learning we are used to. It would interesting to see what might happen if a school was to merge this with their eportfolio/LMS and prepare supporting material that fits the local learning environment.  
    This development will be lead to interesting conversations at the very least. 

  2. I learn by playing so made a little 'lesson' using one of my old videos that had got lost on Teacher Tube 
    It's a nice way of linking video with text- not sure how to actually make little quizzes but I prefer the more open ended questions any way.
    I like the way you can add hyperlinked resources as well to add more to a basic presentation.
    It would be nice if you could link it to a particular section of the video. Still- it's in Beta. I'm sure things will improve with tweeking. 
    Thanks for sharing the concept as I have been neglecting my RSS lately and missed via the usual channels!

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