Challenges, changes and trends 2011

I spent the weekend preparing a presentation that I’ll be using with some of the clusters I speak with at the beginning of the year – titled “Challenges, change and trends in 2011”. It is framed around four key questions:

  • Who are our learners?
  • What are we preparing them for?
  • How are we preparing them for this?
  • What are the implications of connectivity for learning and schooling?

I’ve drawn on the Horizon Report 2010 (NZ-Aus edition) and provided links to illustrations of each of the trends. I’ve also created a livebinder (link below) which has all of these links listed for easy access.

2 thoughts on “Challenges, changes and trends 2011

  1. As a parent (5 and 7) AND as a techie/cloud dude I am heartened to see you and others like you planning for my kids future.

    Thanks and good luck (if you ever need a hand somehow, let me know 🙂

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