Planning and assessment….


Sometimes it’s necessary to simply laugh out loud and be reminded of how silly a lot of our educational jargon and phraseology sounds to other people. The video above did that for me – providing a refreshing break from an otherwise intense afternoon of report writing.

My favourite bit is where the ‘bureaucrat’ says… “You can’t know what you are teaching if you didn’t assess students’ strengths and weaknesses for your differentiation when you collaboratively plan standards of teaching pedagogy.

The sad thing is I kept hearing the echoes of things I’ve heard on political broadcasts, school assemblies, parent evenings and staff development days etc. as I watched…

2 thoughts on “Planning and assessment….

  1. I don’t know about LOL. It was more of a wry smile that came over me, as I listened. It’s quite scary really. I did like the analysis by the teacher, especially when she suggested the ‘bureaucrat’ was quoting Jimi Hendrix.

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