Using ICTs as an aid to public speaking

I had the privilege of being invited to share some ideas on how ICTs can be used to support public speaking to a gathering of members of the local branch of the National Speakers Association of NZ this evening. It was a pretty daunting task, presenting to a group of people, many of whom make their living from speaking, and all of whom are committed to improving how they speak professionally.

After sharing some thoughts I have about how to use slideshow tools such as powerpoint, keynote and impress to best effect, I used a LiveBinders ‘binder’ to introduce a range of online tools that can be used to support effective presentations, and to help share those presentations with others after you’ve spoken. It was the first time I’ve used LiveBinders in a public speaking situation, and I was very impressed! The binder I used is embedded in this post – and from my presentations tab on this blog. Or you can link to it directly here.

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