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Back to work after five weeks away, including three week’s leave, and there is plenty to focus attention on 🙂 I have a few presentations coming up based on CORE’s Ten Trends, and so was interested to see the presentation above put together by Mary Meeker, currently managing director at the investment bank of Morgan Stanley. Meeker has been producing regular reports on internet trends for some years now and is highly regarded in the industry for her work – so I guess is worth taking notice of. The slides in the presentation are pretty dense with data, but do provide a very compelling picture of the rise of mobile devices in the future of the internet – summed up in slide 5 which predicts that sometime in 2012 sales of phones will exceed those of PCs. I also found slide 14 of interest, comparing the number of days to reach 1 million units sold of a range of technologies, showing the iPad to be one of the fastest growing consumer computing devices ever.

From a different direction, the ReadWriteWeb recently published their 5 Key Trends of 2010: Half-Year Report for The Web. Not surprisingly, mobile technologies are the top of their list also – followed by real-time web, internet of things, augmented reality and structured data.

It’s encouraging to see that the trends are all in alignment with what CORE has been working on in it’s ten trends research – the key thing for us as educators is to not only be aware of what these trends are, but of the implications of each for what we are doing in our schools and, indeed, on the very nature and activity in our schools and of learning in the future.

In particular, we need to be thinking about how we will accommodate the potentially huge changes that may occur as a result of the impact of mobile devices used for learning. Slide 14 in the MorganStanley presentation provides a really useful diagrammatic summary of what the changes are from a technology point of view – but again, it’s how we imagine the implications of this for learning that will be important, both in terms of what learning might be like in the mobile-enabled future learning environments, and what learning we must be doing to prepare our students for living and learning in a mobile-enabled future.

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  1. Many thanks for a great keynote at today’s connected conference.
    You have a real knack of pulling all the bits together and making all the reading and research make sense to education today. Thanks for driving home the importance of radical change and offering examples and practical strategies to get started. New Zealand is lucky to have you!

  2. Dear Derek

    Thx for the links to the 5 key trends and COREs ten trends. As an Higher Educationalist, you may enjoy watching Bob and Sue, two adult students returning to Higher Education discuss many of the frustrations and issues in grappling with learning in today’s technology ridden gadget-centric world. Like RWW and CORE Bob and Sue discuss Augmented Reality, Mobile devices including smartphones, HE assessment and cloud computing. The setting is a UK Educational networking site

  3. Hi Derek, am off-shore kiwi about to return. Glad you enjoy B&S. Hopefully they have less ons for us all, Hope to meet sometime Ciao Julie

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