One thought on “Ken Robinson on standardised testing

  1. Hi Derek,
    When I began teacher training as a Division U student – 1961 – the government thought it wise to test all teacher trainees for mathematical ability. For an excellent reason as far as I was concerned, I hated mathematics from the day my Fourth Form teacher told me the reason I should learn algebra was because “it was in the exam”. Yes, I had asked the question. When the maths exam for teacher trainees arrived, I didn’t not take it seriously, scoring 2%. Later that week, the Dominion had a headline about the mathematical incompetence of some teacher trainees at Victoria University. So, I have some sympathy for Sir Ken.

    Of course, those with some appreciation of Dr Edward de Bono’s New Thinking methods have an appreciation of perception, its uniqueness for every individual and the need to understand how values, culture and experience create ‘logic bubbles’ for each of us – my logic bubble is mine alone.

    When students are given standardised tests, the answers are for standard questions and standard situations. In this New Millennium, little is standard any more. Again, Sir Ken and I share some commonality, even if his bubbles are not mine.

    Cheers from Kaunas!

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