Amazing Web2.0 Projects

I had dinner just a couple of weeks ago with Terry Freedman and his wife just before I left the UK, where he told me about his most recent e-book – Amazing Web2.0 Projects .

Terry has done a fine job collating and editing this volume. it contains details of 87 classroom-based projects from around the world, involving the use of Web2.0 applications. The case studies present the benefits and  challenges of using Web2.0 applications in the classroom. The examples cover all of the education spectrum, from kindergarten to post secondary – and are organised accordingly in the book.

The book is free to download here (2.09Mb PDF)

6 thoughts on “Amazing Web2.0 Projects

  1. Hi Derek, Thanks for hunting out all this stuff. I enjoy having a read of your blog and seeing what you are up to. I have just set up a 10 macbook wireless pod and are looking forward to having a play. cheers

  2. Thanks for posting the link, Derek. From a quick skim of the book there are a few things there that look like they might be worthwhile thinking about in my context.

  3. It is a great resource. Should remind people that he calls for public submissions to this book, so look out for the next addition and submit yours too. And thanks Mike 🙂

  4. Wow! As a new teacher, I’m a firm believer that integrating projects such as these are essential for the learning and success of our students. Thanks for posting such a great resource and I look forward to trying a few things I saw in it. Even better, there will be a “next edition” and I’ll be working on my own ideas. Thanks!

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