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Video seems to be the big thing to day 🙂
A while back I was asked by a secondary math teacher if I knew of any resources that she could use with her classes, and I was able to point her to a blog post I’d only just put up about Math in Movies.

Now I’ve come across this site called Brainstorm Math, which has a wide range of usefully categorised instructional videos on maths topics. Registering for the site is very straight forward (and free – although there are paid-for services available in other sections of the site). The videos I watched are all short instructional tutorials based on a specific maths concept – very useful for learners who want to review a part of the programme and prefer to watch and listen rather than read, or to make available to students in a class running a differentiated or self-paced programme for instance.

Despite the US-centric approach, worth a browse 🙂

5 thoughts on “Free math videos

  1. I wonder if you could point the teacher to Darren Kuroptwa’s blog from Winnipeg

    Darren is a secondary school maths teacher who uses web tools to enhance his students learning experiences in maths. The calculus itself is over my head but the way he uses the tools could be used at any level.

  2. Thanks for all the suggested websites for Secondary Maths teaching. (I think I may be the teacher referred to). I am just getting into using the internet to find tools to enhance my teaching and I have found recently Geogebra – some free software that can be used to demonstrate geometric and algebraic (graphical) concepts. . There is excellent support material on the website so that you can teach yourself how to use it. I have so far used it for demonstrating circle theorems in geometry and for demonstrating the effect of changing coefficients on the graphs of polynomials.

  3. The NZ Centre of Mathematics has a large number of videos – some up to 60 minutes. There are simple concepts such as fractions and decimals right up to calculus. I was surprised by the number of topics, the quality of the video content and the PDF document downloads. Everything is free to watch or download.

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