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What skills will children need for work? How might parenting and family change? What impact will new technologies have on learning?

I’ve just spent the day running workshops with teachers fromt the the Otaki-Kapiti cluster, focusing on the ways in which ICTs can  be used to develop the key competencies (see slide show under the presentations link on my blog). Inevitably we engaged in some discussions about the future of schooling, and how we can ‘vision’ what that future might be like.

VisionMapper from Futurelab is a great tool for assisting in these discussions. Vision Mapper provides a wide range of activities and resources to explore these issues, centred around 6 expert future scenarios. These scenarios are based on 18 month’s work in 2008-9 by a team of 98 experts and are backed by a wealth of background research, providing a powerful planning resource for educators.

There’s some excellent stuff here – including a collection of 15 activities that could be used to stimulate discussions at staff meetings, teacher only days, leadership retreats etc. Another great resource from FutureLab.

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