Hectic Week

I’m sitting at Wellington airport waiting for a plane to Nelson, having just flown back from Melbourne where I’ve been working with the MEC cluster of schools in Melbourne’s North West. A great group of schools and teachers, doing some really innovative stuff across a range of educational areas. At their cluster conference day they focused on the ways in which ICTs could be used to enhance learning. The day was enjoyed by all – despite the heat!! In one of my sessions someone ‘Googled’ the temperature for Ringwood, where were located, and found that it was 47 degrees! This news was soon passed round by Twitter connections 🙂

Speaking of Twitter, Jane forwarded a link to Twitter Mosaic in her “Pick of the Day” this morning. Created by Walter Higgins, it generates a Mosaic of your Twitter Followers. You can create one for yourself here.

2 thoughts on “Hectic Week

  1. Could imagine from New Zealand you would have found it really hot?

    Thanks for the link to the Twitter application – made myself a nice screenshot of my followers. Much faster than how I did it previously.

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