Speed counts

Tonight I switched to a new ISP, and am already enjoying the benefits of much faster download speeds! The test above shows that, instead of the maximum of around 1300Kbps (1.3Mbps) that I achieved with my previous provider, I’m now enjoying nearly three times that download speed. The unfortunate thing is that it’s still an asymetrical connection, so the upload remains low – but at least it is maxing out at the 128Kbps as advertised and not consistently down around the 60Kbps that I’ve been used to. Moreover, I get all of this for two thirds of the price that I have been paying, and in addition, I have a 30Gb per month allowance compared to the 2Gb I’ve been used to!

Speed counts!

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  1. I have been considering switching. Any more info Derek… Could you email me with the details? Please 🙂

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