I’ve just been sent a link to a recently re-developed educational website,, a children’s web site developed by the US-based National Pest Management Association (NPMA), designed to educate children/students about a topic that all kids love— bugs!

I’ve had a look through the site dimensions and can imagine this being a real winner with kids, and a very useful resource in the classroom.

Originally launched in 2005, the site has recently undergone major transformations, both in design with funky and fresh new colors, and content adding new lesson plans and fun project to the mix. In fact, the site now offers even more educational content for teachers to use in the classroom and for parents to utilize as part of home-schooling programs as well as for fun, yet educational computer time with their children.

The report writing center includes a downloadable writing manual, giving children a 10-step tutorial on researching and developing written reports. The science fair section helps students to build and test hypotheses using the scientific method and provides several projects to test these newfound skills. The lessons aim to bring creativity into the classroom with such assignments as creating Pest PSAs and writing new cases for the interactive game, Pest Detective.

Other enhancements include a pest glossary, a comprehensive pest guide, downloadable fact sheets and project PDFs, taking materials from computer desktop to backpack in just a few quick clicks.

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