EdTalks on my iPod

Glen and Jody have been busy in the office this afternoon making it possible now to subscribe to EdTalks via iTunes so that I can now access these educationally informative video clips onto my iPod Touch for viewing on a plane or when I’m waiting for a meeting etc.

To make this happen is a simple task of dragging the RSS feed icon across to the open podcast page on iTunes and let the software do the work. All available EdTalks videos will appear as a list – last step is then to click on “get” to download the ones you want. Next time you synch your iPod they’ll be available to view.

Since it went live, EdTalks appears to be steadily gaining popularity, with viewers able to access interviews and presentations from a number of the NZ and international experts who have presented in New Zealand over the past year or so. CORE Ed will be adding videos to the site on a regular basis – watch for all the new ones appearing after the ULearn conference!

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