Interactive Tutorials for Google Apps

GoogleApps.jpgFollowing my recent post about Software as a Service I’ve had several discussions with teachers about the use of Google Docs by staff and students in schools. many are finding that these applications provide pretty much everything they need on a day to day basis. So it was with interest that I took a look at the Interactive Tutorials that Google have developed to explain concepts within all of the current GoogleApps (including the GoogleDocs suite).

I’d love to know how they’ve developed these tutorials – they’re easy to follow and are a great example of how instructional material can be presented online – both pedagogically and technically. I wonder when this service will be provided as one of the Google Apps??

4 thoughts on “Interactive Tutorials for Google Apps

  1. Derek its possible to create something similar with (shock) Powerpoint using a little creativity. Have managed to get first years students to create something similar and successfully. However that wouldn’t easily solve your online focus.

  2. Thanks for this Phil – a timely reminder that the old technologies still have lots to offer 🙂 I can imagine being able to use the powerpoint shows on SlideShare to overcome some of the online focus.

  3. my pleasure Mike – glad you found it useful. There’s so much being added to the Google Apps family all the time, it’s often difficult to keep up.

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