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video_sites.jpg I had a bit of time over the weekend to explore some new web2.0 applications that I’ve become aware of recently (thanks to some of my contacts on Twitter)! Each of these provides a new and effective way to easily share video and/or audio messages via the web – replacing the need to go through the more complex process of creating audio and video files to upload or attach.

Springdoo is what the creators describe as the answer for a group of emotional and passion filled people who found it frustrating that email did not deliver so much of what they wanted to say, when asked to write down the key ingredients required for their “ultimate personal connecting solution”. With Springdoo you can record simple video messages for others to access – as well as search and view other people’s messages. It has many of the features we’ve come to expect from this sort of application, including the ability to email to a friend, comment, capture a still frame – and, the one I like about this, the ability to view the video clip on your mobile device!

SnapVine allows you to record voice comments and then attach them in a variety of ways, including adding your voice to photos and sharing them with friends, creating an audio blog entry – including from your mobile phone!, and sharing voice comments with friends in MySpace etc. SnapVine integrates with a number of social networking applications, including Bebo, Myspace, Facebook, Xanga and Friendster.

Seesmic is a fun and easy to use application for recording short video messages online. It’s only in ‘alpha’ stage of development at this stage, but looks promising and if you’re keen to try it you can register to become one of the alpha users. Thanks to Ewan Mcintosh for sharing this one and the test video he created!

Flixn is another online video creating tool with a simple three step approach to creating video blogs, video comments and even video emails to friends and family. Like SnapVine, Flixn integrates with other social networking software and allows you to upload video comments to MySpace, Blogger or eBay!

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  1. Derek – Great post. You’ve mentioned some fine products. I also wanted to encourage you to check out Eyejot ( as well. It’s a video email platform with some delightful twists – such as a really easy-to-use interface, support for iTunes/iPods, mobile video viewing, address book importing through Plaxo and the ability to upload and send video captured in any format using the PRO version. There’s also integration with Twitter through a bookmarklet feature named Eyejot This! An Eyejot widget allows the platform to be integrated across a large number of social networks using Widgetbox. Eyejot has been winning raves and continues to innovate in the video email space.

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