Tell me the future


Interesting article in the Guardian who commissioned Web godfather Vint Cerf, now chief strategist at Google, to edit the British daily’s media section. The result has been published in an article titled Tell me the future, containing responses from some of the industry’s leading minds about what will happen in their respective fields in the undefined future.

Contributors include Chris De Wolfe, CEO, co-founder MySpace on Social networking; Chad Hurley CEO, co-founder YouTube on Video; Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter on Mobile and Peter Norvic, director of research at Google on search. Also included are Steven Huter and Adiel Akplogan, who have pioneered the internet infrastructure in Africa.

Social networking pioneer Chris De Wolfe, co-founder of MySpace, says “these evolving online social destinations are laying the groundwork for the new social Web, which we believe is becoming infinitely more personal, more portable, and more collaborative.” The term “social network” would come to more broadly define open development initiatives, like Google’s OpenSocial.

Similarly, YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley sees a bright future for streaming video, which he says will become the most “ubiquitous and accessible form of communication.” He predicts that online video will be personalized and customizable (i.e. more “social”), delivered to users’ homepages in an RSS feed-like format

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