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Interactivity.jpg This week I finished teaching my Global Classroom course which is part of the University of Canterbury’s Graduate Diploma of ICT course. I’ve had (another) fabulous group of teachers who undertook projects including an intercultural study with a class in Malaysia, planning a virtual camp with another class in NZ, participating in a virtual field trip to Antarctica and using ePals to connect with students in the US.

I’m always on the lookout for projects that these teachers can link into for their Global Classroom experience, and so was interested today to come across the Interactivity Center, from Education World, which features collaborative projects, virtual field trips, educational games, and other interactive activities. Most of these are free or very low cost, and illustrate the incredible imagination and creativity of teachers in making use of the opportunities now available in the online world and with the emergence of many creative applications in the Web2.0 world.

If there’s not something here that you feel you can participate in, then there are heaps of ideas for projects that you could begin yourself, using some of the online environments and applications that are freely available.

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  1. We have recently launched a programme that may be of interest to you – The Global Schools Programme. Basically it is a year-long partnership with a school in NZ and the developing world. The focus country in 2008 is Zambia. The participating teachers will travel to Zambia for 10 days, during holiday time, to partner with a teacher there to discuss and share teaching and learning approaches through team teaching. A Zambian teacher will then return to their school in NZ to complete the exchange. There are unlimited opportunities for joint curricular topics and students to share knowledge with students in Zambia, and realise how their action can truly impact the lives of youth in the developing world. Hope this is something you are interested in – we are really excited! Sally

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