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Thanks to a twitter from my friend in Canada, Sharon Peters, I’ve been introduced to the work of a friend of hers in Saskatchewan called Find a Story, Map a Story, Tell a Story. What a wonderful idea!

“Find a Story… Map a Story… Tell a Story invites you to choose a story that matters to you and using an online mapping tool like Community Walk, Wayfaring or Google Maps, create a StoryMap that will place your stories within a geographical context. Using one of these digital mapping tools, locate a geographical map from your story location, and add images, audio and text memories to the place markers found on the mapping tool. This project will help you recover lost stories and save and share them so other can enjoy and learn from them. Completed StoryMaps will be posted on a student work page on the Find a Story… Map a Story… Tell a Story web site.”

Must confess – I’m familiar with and used Google Maps, but hadn’t seen Community Walk or Wayfaring before – they look cool. I’ve checked out the StoryMaps and couldn’t see any from New Zealand – perhaps an opportunity here for an enterprising NZ class to be the first?

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  1. Hi Derek,
    I was reading through a number of your wonderful postings and was surprised to discover a posting you made about my digital mapping project “Find a Story, Map a Story, Tell a Story”. Thanks for including it on your blog. One correction though- I don’t live in Saskatechewan- I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The mapping project demonstrated on the project page came from my first neighborhood in Calgary (where I lived from 1953-1961).
    Best Wishes,
    Brenda Dyck
    Instructor, University of Alberta

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