NZ Copyright Bill response


My friend Stephen Marshall from Victoria University has been hard at work on his blog over recent weeks developing a submission (.pdf) on the Copyright (New Technologies and Performers’ Rights) Amendment Bill. He has just posted his draft submission on his blog for others to read and comment on.

Stephen’s focus is on the need for this bill to deal with issues relating to the digital environment that we are now living in. He begins with….

[The Bill] fails to address the significant challenges raised by the worldwide shift to a digital information economy and it places onerous and unnecessary restrictions on New Zealanders that are not shared by our major trading partners and the citizens of the United States (the dominant global publisher of digital information) in particular.

Stephen has done an awesome job in constructing this submission, and it deserves our time and effort to critique. He is inviting feedback by email or comment on his blog, and also invites those who would like to be listed as a supporter in the submission to email their name, physical address and include a clear indication of their support for the submission.

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