School 2.0


Jonathan alerted me to the release of part three of Back to School with the Class of Web2.0, and draws attention to some of the things he found of interest. (I’d blogged about parts one and two earlier)

Of special interest to me is School2.0, described as a brainstorming tool designed to help schools, districts and communities develop a common education vision for the future and to explore how that vision can be supported by technology.. It’s a very timely read in conjunction with some of the thinking contained in the recently released Students First publication here in NZ.

I wasparticularly drawn to the strap-line in the heading of the web page:

There is no one path to the school of tomorrow. Technology is repidly breaking down the walls of school and letting the world in; harnessing it is key to building tomorrow’s schools and students. Integrating it into the school’s ecosystem is everyone’s responsibility, and will ensure multiple paths to success.

There is a downloadable version of the map on the site (PDF file) that schools can use to guide them through the decision making process in determining how they might achieve this.

The process takes into account the people, the learning ‘ecosystem’, the technology & infrastructure, and what they call the ‘supporting elements’ that include Performance Driven Administration, Leadership and Collaboration and Technical Support.

From a first read through I am impressed, although there is definitely room for expansion of the ideas and the processes that could be used. As it stands at the moment it is provides only a framework for discussion. Apart from a ‘contact us’ link, there’s no indication of a wiki or forum area that may appear as part of this initiative – something that I’d have thought would be a natural adjunct to this sort of resource.

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