Yet another LMS


I spent all of last week in Wellington, two days of which were spent exploring implementations of the e-Framework. The group included information architects from the Ministry of Education in NZ, and Dan Rehak from Carnegie Mellon University, James Dalziel (Director of MELCOE and inventor of LAMS) and Dr Malcolm Read (executive secretary) and Louisa Dale (partnership manager) from JISC in the UK.

Coming from these discussions, I was interested to read this morning an announcement of the formation of the Tetra Collaboration, who…

…will work together on projects that address the needs of education, research, technical infrastructure, service oriented architectures (SOA), federated systems, and application frameworks.

Tetra will demonstrate the potential of the JISC’s e-Framework, will be built on open standards and IMS specifications, and is committed to developing sustainable community source solutions for education

One of the first Tetra projects will be to continue the work of the Bodington open source learning management system to produce Bodington – Next Generation or Bodington NG. Seems like the focus of this endeavour will be on developing the Bodington product further with an emphasis on developing and implementing an SOA enterprise e-framework based on the Sakai standards etc.

Michael Feldstein expands on this announcement with his own thoughts on his e-Literate blog

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