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I’m spending the day in the Hawkes Bay today, presenting a keynote and workshop at the “Team Tamatea” conference – around 130 local teachers spending two days of their holidays listening to some interesting messages from how to deal with boys at school to using comics to develop literacy skills.

I’m preparing for my workshop after lunch and saw a note on TechCrunch about the release of a new product called SlideShare – a new service that lets users upload PowerPoint or Open Office presentation files and share them online through a You Tube-like interface.

I immediately signed up (you have to request an invitation to join while the produce is in BETA) and soon received email confirmation, so set about uploading the slides from the presentation I’m about to give. You can access them here.

I can see all sorts of possibilities for this service – according to the TechCrunch article there are others in this genre also – their writeup is worth reading for more info.

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  1. Thanks for the Slideshare idea Derek! It looks like it will be very useful. So far I have signed up, been approved and have been browsing other tag related slideshows to yours. What a great resource! Many thanks, Rachel

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