NoteMesh – Collaborate to Graduate


Here’san interesting twist to the idea of a personal learning environmetn (PLE) – a product called NoteMesh, descibed as…

“a free service that allows college students in the same classes to share notes with each other. It works by creating a wiki for individual classes that users can edit. Users are free to post their own lecture notes or contribute to existing lecture notes. The idea is that users in the same class can collaboratively create a definitive source for lecture notes.”

I know a numberof teachers who currently use public wiki spaces like Jotspot or SeedWiki to create wikis for their students to work on documents collaboratively, but this takes that a step further by providing a little more in the environment – features akin to a learning management system – where the class as a whole can manage the notes they make in relation to a particular course.

I like the fact that there is a history feature, which keeps track of all the edits made to the notes, allowing users to easily revert the notes back from a corrupted state. The service is now open to international users (ie New Zealand) to be able to register and use for free!


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