PacINET conference, Samoa


I’m currently sitting in the opening sessions of the PICISOC PacINET conference in Samoa. I’ve been asked to present a session on blogging, in particular, how it serves as an avenue for freedom of speech.

I feel quite privileged to sit among such an august group of people from all over the Pacific – hearing of some really interested initiatives to provide access to ICT and the internet across such vast distances and where the issues faced make our problems in NZ pale into insignificance.

It’s worth a look at the conference schedule and if you’re keen, you can join a conference broadcast for any part of the conference you want to.

Unfortunately I will be leaving here on Tuesday afternoon, so won’t get to hear Dr. Vinton G. Cerf, Internet Pioneer and Founding President of ISOC who is speaking on Wednesday morning – perhaps it will have to be the broadcast for me!

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