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I appreciated a comment by TIm Price-Walker to my recent post about Alice, an interactive, 3D games programming application. Tim pointed me to
MissionMaker, developed out of a partnership between Immersive Education and the University of London (Knowledgelab) ‘MissionMaker’ is a prototype exploring how student game making can create learning opportunities. Currently 45 BETA trial sites are using Missionmaker in the UK and providing feedback – a release date is forecast for 2007.

I’ve had a brief look at this project and it looks really interesting – I’ll be keen to follow its progress. The MissonMaker Blog looks like a great place to follow the progress that is being made among the 45 schools involved.

I was also interested to note that Immersive Education are also the company behind Kar2ouche, a product that I’ve seen used in a number of NZ schools, and was the focus of a trial in 10 NZ schools during 2005.

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  1. hello erm rite i have mission maker softwear and its instaled i can do just about everything on te softwear but its getting the same old tools pickups and props are there any free downloads of more accessories for the softwear?

  2. I’m in constant chatter with ?Immersive about making a tool that will allow users to create their own content for the immersive software.

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