Skype for Mac with VC out now


Great news this morning via TechCrunch – Skype has released a new version for Mac. Video support is finally available, though it???s a separate download. in beta form at the moment.

Drag and drop contact adding and file transfer are smooth. You can even drag and drop someone from your contact list into a group chat.

The note on the skype website says that the Video Preview of Skype for Mac is only recommended for experienced users and should not be used on a production system that you depend on. I think I’ll be trying it out on a separate system before commiting to using it on my laptop!

2 thoughts on “Skype for Mac with VC out now

  1. Looks great, doesnt it. It would good if they included a feature that allowed you to record sound/video though. Gizmo has this feature and recording skype conversations seems to me to be reasonably essential functionality.

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