Improving Instruction Through the use of Weblogs


Anne Davis has developed a very useful and informative wiki titled Improving Instruction Through the use of Weblogs that provides anyone interested in finding out how blogs can be used in education with some great reading!

I was particularly struck by Anne’s personal statement in the Shaping Pedagogy Through Blogging section:

    I think I’m a better writing teacher now than when I previously taught it in my classroom. I was bound within 4 walls and had been taught to work at getting a good final product. I was not a writer myself. That’s the most important part I was missing. Blogging myself shows my students that I value writing and I realize the hard work it requires.

The wiki contains everything from curriculum-based examples to more theoretical pieces on pedagogy and blogging and webtools for teachers. It’s worth a look just for the RockYou slideshow in the Language Arts Examples.

One thought on “Improving Instruction Through the use of Weblogs

  1. There are some great resources there. I like the look of
    I’d be cautious about promoting the slide show one (rock you)to schools without some serious vetting. I clicked on the first two slideshows and they were both offensive. I’m guessing that like podcasts filtering software may not block them.

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