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Amid all the hype and speculation about the use of social software in education Terry Freedman of ICT in Education fame has brought together the thoughts of 14 educators from the USA, Canada, Thailand and the UK in an edited volume titled Coming of Age which can be downloaded free as a 1.9Mb PDF file.

I’ve had a quick read of the volume and found it to be extremely useful – there’s heaps here to inform the genuinely interested, from the personal perspetives and case studies of the contributors, to a most useful glossary, excellent book reviews and introduction to the use of things like podcasting, blogs and video blogging etc in an educational setting. Well done Terry – and thanks!

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  1. Hey Derek,

    Ahem, fortunately this is one piece of research that is worth repeating.

    Now your blog is mainlined to my reader duplication shall be avoided.

    All the best to you Derek,

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