I’ve been having a play with a new product called Prototype – a Java-based webpage-creation tool that allows you to quickly create a web page as a series of panels. There are two types of panel that you can use – one is a simple notelet in which you can enter text, the other is a links panel that allows you to add links to other websites.

The text-based panel provides an option to treat the text as HTML, which means that you are able to use simple HTML code to change the appearance and position of text, and, providing you have an image located somewhere on the web, to include images in these panels also.

The links panel allows the input of text to describe the link, with the URL in a separate input. Only the descriptive text is then displayed as a link.

This site is a development of the idea of WebNote that I blogged about a few months ago. You can see the page I created by clicking here

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  1. The perceived biggest fear from ‘those’ who knew, was the thought that computers and elearning would mean the end of students reading the published word in book form. Has the electronic age not generated more books than before?

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