Smart Classrooms

Speaking of vision – I’ve been looking at the Smart Classrooms site from Queensland.

    The Smart Classrooms strategy brings together the future perspective and the momentum established by the 2002-2005 ICTs for Learning strategy to build the classroom of the future: the smart classroom.

    The strategy establishes Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as the bedrock of 21st century schools, where new technologies spark greater interaction between students, teachers, parents and guardians.

Interesting to note the way in which this strategy is structured – particularly given the work that is occuring in NZ ont he development of an eLearning Framework. Where we (in NZ) are grappling with a plethora of strategies and frameworks still, the Queensland Government appear to have successfully incorporated elements of our ICT strategy, eLearning framework and curriculum project all into one document.

The strategy presents a wide range of current and future initiatives within an overall framework, providing a significant degree of coherence, and is organised into System Initiatives ; School Processes and Teacher and Student Initiatives .

The Smart Classrooms strategy is founded on Queensland’s Information Strategic Plan which appears to serve a similar purpose within the Queensland context as NZ’s Digital Strategy

Interesting to note the approach Queensland has taken with this strategy as the next step to its existing ICTs for Learning strategy. Worth reflecting on as we move into a period of counsultation in NZ over the development of the successor to Digital Horizons

The Strategy Document is available to download from the site as a PDF.

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