Guide to Distance Learning

Here’s a really cool site that I’ve just discovered. Called the Guide to Distance Learning , the site has been created by the Regis University School of Professional Studies, and is built entirely in Flash with full audio.

I took some time to work through a numbe of the sections of the tutorial and found it both informative and engaging. A really good example of how things can be designd for the web and for distance learning.

If I have a problem at all, it’s the fact that because it’s built in Flash, there’s no way to cut and paste any of the information that you come across as you are working through the tutorial – consequently, you’d be pretty dependent on having a pad and a pencil at the ready to make sure you could record the many important pieces of information that are shared.

4 thoughts on “Guide to Distance Learning

  1. Found the solution to the Comments problem we were having by going to the Movable Type forums – a case of changing the cgi path to reflect the change in the domain name.

    cool, cya 😉

  2. Stephen
    may be a browser issue – the link works fine for me when I’m using Firefox. The URL you posted here is the right one, and when pasted into Firefox worked OK for me also. Perhaps time to update to Firefox??

  3. Yup Browser, I view blogs in Safari as I have my home page set as the Ultralab aggregator – so launch and view the wise words from my colleagues and Ultraversity researchers alike! For most everything else I use Firefox which works fine!

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