eLearning Domain

Here’s a site I came across this week that provides an interesting read. Called the eLearning Domain , it has been developed by Prof. John Arul Phillips of the Department of Curriculum & Instructional Technology, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya.

According to the home page, the site seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of E-Learning, seven facets of the concept are examined:
– its concept,
– the technologies needed for delivery of content,
– the design and development of content,
– the psychological theories underlying eLearning,
– the human factors that need to be considered to ensure success,
– the business model and marketing strategies for introducing eLearning.
– and the management of eLearning to sustain its growth.

The site contains a myriad of links and references to everything eLearning, from the pedagogy to learning object theory and design. I found myself surfing this site for some time – although I feel there is a strong “technology” focus that dominates throughout, emphasised by the number of eLearning definitions that are included, each of which reinforces the notion of eLearning being the delivery of content via electronic media. Despite this, it’s worth a look.

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